Jan Richardson – Book Review

~ Teach with a sense of urgency ~ Check out the new book by Jan Richardson and Ellen Lewis, The Next Step Forward in Reading Intervention: The Rise Framework. Designed to be a short-term intervention for students in grades 1-8, the introduction to the Rise Framework provides insight into why the authors wrote the book and why other interventions fail … Read More

Excitement of Learning – Concept of Word Beginnings

Most little ones come to school smiling and eager to please. It is such a pleasure and privilege to work with them, helping them form the letters in their name. One such student has a “long name” (two-syllables) and currently learning the alphabet and concept of word – his/her name. We worked on the initial letter, a J, over and … Read More

Growing Young Writers through Poetry

Thoughts after the breakout session, Growing Young Writers Through Poetry, sum up the presentation quite nicely. Thanks to all our Participants!

Test Preparation Rolls Around Again

The time of the year when teachers scramble, trying to fit in the last days of instruction, arrives too soon. Out in the schools, evidence gathers like leaves piling up. How do we move forward? One day at a time… • Give hope • Maintain high expectations • Teach simplified test routines for automaticity (read the title, note any pictures/graphs, … Read More

X-Country Skiing Day 3

I’m one of those early risers that don’t tell others how early I get up. I love the stillness of the mornings before the sun comes up. It’s quite dark outside with few stars twinkling and no one around.  Like the photographer, I value the early morning light. However, as a X-country skier, I relish the sound of morning birds … Read More

X-Country Skiing Twice

  When I x-country ski, I usually seek out the path the deer create through the field. Today I skied the same path and I had to take these photos. Look who joined in following the path yesterday’s skis made!       

X-Country Skiing Springtime

Does falling snow make a sound? Stop and listen … snowflakes softly pelt upon my ski jacket, a muffled crunch as I cross-country upon flat terrain, the swoosh, swoosh, swoosh of the skis as I attempt to stay tall upon the downward gentle slope.   I pause to notice the cedar trees laden with snow on the leeward side from … Read More

National Reading Recovery & K-6 Literacy Conference 2018

  Shine On’s first visit to the National RR Conference was a whirlwind! We met so many wonderful teachers from coast to coast who searched for “just the right books” for the students they teach.  As Matt from RR Books told us at SERRRA, “you never sit down.”  The energy, conversations, book bags galore, and shiny new book covers by … Read More

Shining Readers

Shine On and Shining Readers??? What’s in a name? Shine On came from my belief that all children can shine as they learn to read with engaging books, positive support, and practice.  And it takes lots of practice, especially at the beginning, with the right books. What does it mean – the “right books?” To me, the right books are … Read More

Purposeful Writing

Provide purposeful writing opportunities and students will write! Note the Elf on the Shelf sat atop some Goldfish with children’s letters gathering below. How fun and so unexpected! The first time the Elf appeared, she sat on the rim of a large, blue bucket with a plastic white-handled strap, holding her in. Part-way through the day, she started to lean … Read More