Phonemic Awareness & Phonics – A New Perspective

I highly recommend Kilpatrick’s book, Equipped for Reading Success, both for elementary and secondary, if you are seeking a new perspective on how to reach struggling readers who consistently say the first sound of a word but then guess at the last part may not be as fluent as we would like them to be demonstrate difficulty on decoding longer … Read More

Middle School Readers and 4 Motivation Tips

My honed knowledge, skills, and experiences as an elementary reading specialist (and Reading Recovery® Teacher) for many years, led me to my current journey as a teacher and collaborator of reading with middle school students. Laughter, groans, and tapping of chrome books or pencils scribbling, may be heard at any time during the day. Sprinkle in enthusiasm, drama and rolled … Read More

Writing and the Upper Elementary Grades:   

We Can Write ~ We’re Just Not Published Yet Recently I shared my non-fiction book, Wild Ponies, with a group of third graders. When I entered the classroom, I noticed the teacher holding my book and talking to the students. They sat cross-legged on the carpet, listening. Immediately three hands shot up before I even removed my coat. Whispering ensued … Read More

Book Review – Jan Richardson

~ Teach with a sense of urgency ~ Check out the new book by Jan Richardson and Ellen Lewis, The Next Step Forward in Reading Intervention: The Rise Framework. Designed to be a short-term intervention for students in grades 1-8, the introduction to the Rise Framework provides insight into why the authors wrote the book and why other interventions fail … Read More

Concept of Word Beginnings – Excitement of Learning

Most little ones come to school smiling and eager to please. It is such a pleasure and privilege to work with them, helping them form the letters in their name. One such student has a “long name” (two-syllables) and currently learning the alphabet and concept of word – his/her name. We worked on the initial letter, a J, over and … Read More