Shining Readers

Shine On and Shining Readers??? What’s in a name? Shine On came from my belief that all children can shine as they learn to read with engaging books, positive support, and practice.  And it takes lots of practice, especially at the beginning, with the right books. What does it mean – the “right books?” To me, the right books are … Read More

Travel . . . See the U.S.A.

I recently read, If you want to be an interesting person, read books. I would add, Live life. Life is short so think about how you really want to spend your time and spend it to the fullest. Rather than take time to reminisce about the “should ofs, would ofs,” take action on what you can do. No matter how … Read More

Little Free Libraries

Have you heard of a little free library?   Two years ago, I visited Ithaca, New York, home of Cornell University and Ithaca College, and spotted two or three of these literary gems. To me, they looked like over-sized birdhouses on poles but definitely cuter and filled with books. J. Robinson (2014) defined a free little library as “a neighborhood book exchange … Read More

The Salvation Army and Giving

November is a time to be thankful and sharing what we have with others. Shine On is thankful for the opportunity to place more books in the hands of children in the NRV through Salvation Army. A book is a gift you can open again and again.

London Experience

Have you been to London or the English countryside? I recently returned from England and experienced first-hand the valued literacy world there ~ bookstores galore such as the renown Hatchards, theater and book titles outweigh other advertisements and centuries of history! Cozy pubs and restaurants “tucked” here and there, little squares (parks) of tranquility within the city, and the preferred … Read More

Remarkable New Line of Children’s Books for Beginning Readers

Written for beginning and reluctant readers and children who find learning to read difficult, children ages 5-7 will want to read the current stories about Tanner, Monkey Man, and living in the country. Authored by a National Board Certified Reading Teacher and former Reading Recovery Teacher® and illustrated by Virginia Tech students, we focus on how children learn to read … Read More