Concept of Word Beginnings – Excitement of Learning

Most little ones come to school smiling and eager to please. It is such a pleasure and privilege to work with them, helping them form the letters in their name. One such student has a “long name” (two-syllables) and currently learning the alphabet and concept of word – his/her name. We worked on the initial letter, a J, over and over together on our little whiteboard, trying to grip the marker to maintain some control over the tool. The student was so pleased to finally get the idea of the “hook” that I next posed would h/she like to make the top – the straight line. Looking at me with big beautiful eyes, the student replied in all seriousness, “No. That’s too hard.” I chuckled inside and replied, “Let’s save that for another day.”
Despite all the curriculum teachers need to teach, interventions to take place, lesson plans to submit, maintain your sense of humor, share your love of learning, and delight in what your students can do. From this, we can move forward.