Book Review – Jan Richardson

~ Teach with a sense of urgency ~

Check out the new book by Jan Richardson and Ellen Lewis, The Next Step Forward in Reading Intervention: The Rise Framework. Designed to be a short-term intervention for students in grades 1-8, the introduction to the Rise Framework provides insight into why the authors wrote the book and why other interventions fail to accelerate struggling readers. A critical component for effective intervention often overlooked is teacher collaboration – among all teachers working with the student.

Thoughtful dialogue, realistic available personnel, and coordinated schedules among all teachers is needed, in order to teach with fidelity and give full justice to the program. After reading the book, the opportunity arose to attend a session led by highly trained reading teachers, who did take the time to plan effectively prior to using this program with their students. The results they sought for their “bubble” students was impressive. Their session included how they got started and why, pros and cons of the program, and a list of materials. Initially they observed the program in action with another school district and then met with teachers to clarify and ask questions. Next, they planned, including the necessary number of personnel available to commit to the program, and received approval for the time frame needed to conduct each lesson component. The students’ results and number of students served pleased administration and teachers at the school.

School visits is a smart way to research and find out about the nuts and bolts of a new program being considered prior to making a time and financial commitment.

Great book feature: the appendix is packed with comprehension cards, list of character traits, personal word wall, word-solving strategies card, lesson plan templates, and other useful aids.