Middle School Readers and 4 Motivation Tips

My honed knowledge, skills, and experiences as an elementary reading specialist (and Reading Recovery® Teacher) for many years, led me to my current journey as a teacher and collaborator of reading with middle school students. Laughter, groans, and tapping of chrome books or pencils scribbling, may be heard at any time during the day. Sprinkle in enthusiasm, drama and rolled eyes, respect, and honest conversations. Each day brims with possibilities.

Who wouldn’t want to be part of this lively environment?

However, students attend class to strengthen their reading skills and strategies, especially vocabulary, comprehension, and writing (the reciprocal of reading goes hand-in-hand).

4 Tips to Motivate Students to Read (and Write)

(1) Build a sincere relationship with each student and actively listen
(2) Provide choice in reading materials and writing content
(3) Create visuals and hang around the room (i.e., reading strategies, vocabulary posters,
student book reviews)

(4) Mix it up – the reading materials, teaching style, technology, student surveys and exit
slips, always seeking to improve your craft and excite students into the world of literacy