Phonemic Awareness & Phonics – A New Perspective

Have you read this yet?

I highly recommend Kilpatrick’s book, Equipped for Reading Success, both for elementary and secondary, if you are seeking a new perspective on how to reach struggling readers who consistently

  • say the first sound of a word but then guess at the last part
  • may not be as fluent as we would like them to be
  • demonstrate difficulty on decoding longer words
  • exhibit poor spelling

Why Read This Book?

  • years of research back up his theory
  • a novel perspective based on a psychologist & linguistic point of view
  • theory, assessment, and exercises located right in the book
  • this just may be the piece you’ve been searching for in your teaching

I’ve put into practice his theory and collaborated with other teachers who have put into place his theory with excellent results with students.

Keep in mind that a highly effective teacher

  • maintains several tools in his/her toolbox and no 2 students are alike
  • effective instruction begins with assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses of a reader
  • efficient teachers focus on the student’s needs in order maximize time and support the student into becoming an efficient decoder (in order to increase fluency & spend more time on comprehension)

Comment if you have incorporated his thinking into your teaching and the journey you and your students embarked upon.