I’m Bigger Than You


Deer play a game called I’m Bigger Than You. Who will win the game?

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Summary for A Beach Visit With Grandma
Average Score: 5 (1 rating)

The book is a good way to encourage young readers with a topic they are sure to enjoy. Continue writing Jen Fen!

Summary for Birthday Muffins
Average Score: 5 (1 rating)

I love all the expression of feelings through out the story. Their smiles and laughter. When they expressed. You are special… Their concern,disappointment, puzzled,sad faces with the cupcake problem. The surprise at the end! Great job Jen Fen.

Summary for Deer
Average Score: 5 (1 rating)

The story line is easy for children to follow and the illustrations engaging. Animal stories are a favorite with young children. Keep them coming!

Summary for I'm Bigger Than You
Average Score: 5 (1 rating)

at the Reading Recovery conference because I teach in a rural community. It features two deer as the main characters. I love the back stories that Jen Fen gives in the back of the books because it shows how these books connected to her personal life. My struggling readers enjoy reading her books because they can connect to her stories on a personal level! I can’t wait to purchase more Jen Fen books!!!

Summary for Monkey Man
Average Score: 5 (1 rating)

Our six year old, Ben, LOVES these books! We enjoy how relatable they are to his life. Plus, there is even a character named Ben in one of the stories which makes the story 10x cooler! Keep writing:)

Summary for The Tire Swing
Average Score: 5 (1 rating)

This book is great for building young readers’ confidence! I especially love that the illustrations demonstrate diversity among the friends playing together. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for new books published by Jen Fen!

Summary for Wild Ponies
Average Score: 5 (1 rating)

Enjoyable little book to share with my early reader grand-nephews. Pleasing mix of photos, art and stories about this gem of a park – inspired tales of past park adventures, real and embellished, as well as planning our next trip. The kids are now determined to see Fabio in the meadow he calls home!

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