I’m Bigger Than You


Deer play a game called I’m Bigger Than You. Who will win the game?

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Summary for A Beach Visit With Grandma
Average Score: 5 (1 rating)

I love the how the illustrations really help tell the story. This is a great story to read together and encourage more conversations and letter writing. Love it!

Summary for A Visit to the Tree Farm
Average Score: 5 (1 rating)

Christmas and traditions go together, and this book should be added for every early reader at Christmas time. It is a very sweet story with fun illustrations to go along with it. Kids will want to read it again and again.

Summary for Grandpa and the Morning Birds
Average Score: 5 (1 rating)

This is such a sweet story that shows compassion for our feathered friends. The birds really come to life with the detailed pictures.

Summary for Little Toad Swims
Average Score: 5 (1 rating)

This is an adorably illustrated story that will encourage swim safety. It’s a great way to practice reading and talk about learning to swim like little toad.

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