Purposeful Writing

Provide purposeful writing opportunities

and students will write! Note the Elf on the Shelf sat atop some Goldfish with children’s letters gathering below. How fun and so unexpected!

The first time the Elf appeared, she sat on the rim of a large, blue bucket with a plastic white-handled strap, holding her in. Part-way through the day, she started to lean over which led to a math lesson and probability:  Would she fall or not fall? Later, after the students left for the day, before flying to her new perch, a tiny, ragged-edged paper held a treasured note from a student. Of course, the Elf had to write back! Thus, one child modeled for others:  if one writes, hopefully one will get a response.

From the photo and the Elf’s new perch, children’s letters and notes gathered below. What started as a read aloud and an I Spy activity of locating the Elf, quickly led to a writing activity.

Look for purposeful writing opportunities