Shining Readers

Shine On and Shining Readers???

What’s in a name? Shine On came from my belief that all children can shine as they learn to read with engaging books, positive support, and practice.  And it takes lots of practice, especially at the beginning, with the right books.

What does it mean – the “right books?”

To me, the right books are the books the reader finds engaging; the books which contain only one or two new words; and the books that encourage conversations and invite writing opportunities [to expand the literary experience and synthesize understanding of what has been read.]

Why do beginner readers need to know most of the words?

Beginner readers need to be able to read most of the words automatically in order to read fluently and gain experience in what “good reading” sounds like. Beginner readers need to make meaning of the print rather than spend all their brain power on decoding new words. Then the reading experience in itself becomes the motivator to read more. This result is exactly what we want children to do. Read a lot!

On the other hand, it makes no sense to have children read a book that they can “plow through” if they read disfluently and they can’t remember or talk about what they read. Who would want to read more text?

Look at reading growth-

where children started in the reading process, what is now known, and what still needs to be learned. This is where building relationships comes into play between the child and the adult – that we believe they can learn and grow and become “Shining Readers.”

Happy Reading!