Test Preparation Rolls Around Again

The time of the year when teachers scramble, trying to fit in the last days of instruction, arrives too soon. Out in the schools, evidence gathers like leaves piling up. How do we move forward?
One day at a time…
• Give hope
• Maintain high expectations
• Teach simplified test routines for automaticity (read the title, note any pictures/graphs, stop and think as you read the passage, locate key words in the question and think – what is the question asking, read all answers, eliminate irrational choices, make a choice, AND identify evidence to support your answer)
• Identify Evidence to Support your Answer
• Teach vocabulary as a way of life
• Reach out. Collaborate w/others to find purposeful, relevant texts for students to practice   

Still a test-taking society, directly teaching vocabulary and testing routines make sense because they provide students with tools to succeed. If we taught school-wide test routines and vocabulary, alongside classroom routines, posting anchor charts, at the beginning of the year, for every grade, I wonder would the results be stellar?

Take one day at a time. We got this!