Writers Help Others See

Writers help the world see “things” in a new way.    

John Koehler, author, inspired attendees at the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference. He encouraged writers to continue to write because it starts with you and then spreads.  Whether an adult or a child, the thoughts you put into words on paper (or computer), are yours and yours alone – not to be repeated. Linking this to the research on reading comprehension, background knowledge and experiences, impact why two people can read the exact same text and come up with different perspectives.  Therefore, it is imperative to encourage writing, especially with children and young adults. Taking time to actively listen to why they wrote what they did and how they wrote it; enabling their “voice” to shine through – because we never know what we may learn about the content, the person, the thought process, that went into creating that particular writing piece. We may see “things in a new way.”