Imagery: X-Country Skiing Day 3

I’m one of those early risers that don’t tell others how early I get up. I love the stillness of the mornings before the sun comes up. It’s quite dark outside with few stars twinkling and no one around.  Like the photographer, I value the early morning light. However, as a X-country skier, I relish the sound of morning birds twittering, watch the deer waking slowly from under the cedar tree where they bed down at night, and being the only outside with nature (at least where I am).  I love to watch the sun rise, casting shadows that shift across the landscape, illuminating the sky in various hues of orange and pink.   A truly magical beginning to the day that vanishes in a blink (almost).

Today when I set out, after some melting yesterday and then refreezing, the snow was “faster” with clumps of grass peeking out. Dodging the clumps, with a biting morning breeze, remnants of spring skiing floated through my mind, so different from winter skiing. Just a sweater and ski vest, jeans, and brightly red-knitted mittens, I was good to go.

After a long winter, spring skiing says a joyful good bye to winter and a warm hello to spring. Welcome new adventures of the great outdoors!